Luxury in every bath

While smart advertising and enticing branding on products act like a siren call to you, have you ever paused to look at the back of these beautiful bottles? One look at the ingredients list sends multiple shivers down our spines, and if you’re wondering why, you should stick around for a couple of minutes to find out. Mass production, infinite amounts of focus on fairness, and promises of fast-action, these marketing techniques are usually followed by products that are bombarded by chemicals and parabens, and while this may not be a concern when you start out, it does become a monstrous thorn in your skin care routine in the long run. More and more people are moving to pure and natural skin and hair care routines to ensure their body is not being put through a rigorous cycle of chemical baths.
At Aimer Valleè, we believe that nature holds the key to effective care without exposure to harmful chemicals. With our name literally translating to Love Valley, we blend together essential ingredients freshly picked from the valleys to give our clients a holistic approach to skin and hair care. Our brand story originated in the year 2014 with just the inception of natural soaps, and stands today at creating customized solutions to tackle specific issues faced by our clients. Our initial focus was on creating customized bath and body solutions with natural ingredients so that we enjoy the benefits of mother nature, minus the ingredients. We are pioneers in the act of customizing bath and body solutions, and the love from our clients has made us proceed to great heights. From simple customized soaps to our current range of customized skin care, hair care, bath needs, and lip care, we have managed to bring our clients solutions that make them feel beautiful without the need of harmful chemicals. The kitchen at Aimer Valleè has become known for their custom pure recipes, and we strive to continuing spreading the love.

Meet the team

Rashi Rathi – Masters in Marketing Management, Diploma in Training & Development, Diploma in Organic Hair Care (UK), Diploma in Organic Skin Care – Co-Founder

Though Rashi has been a keen marketer for most of her life, she has always been passionate about creating things that help others. From the very beginning, Rashi has had an affinity towards creating bath and body solutions from ingredients that are plucked from nature’s belly. Rashi is a strong believer in the fact that chemicals are everywhere and in everything, but choosing the right balance of chemicals to subject your body to plays a key role in your well-being. She works with her partners to eliminate harmful chemicals and therefore personifies the idea of custom skin and hair care solutions. She is currently pursuing her Diploma in understanding pure Skin Care and Hair Care for better product output. Rashi is an integral part of the Aimer Valleè team and is the mastermind behind the creation of custom bath and body products that have helped the brand gain popularity in its domain. Rashi believes that natural bath and body products are not only beneficial for human beings, but are also an added bonus toward environmental betterment.

Mithilesh Kumar – Stock Trader – Co-Founder                                             

Mithilesh and Rashi work in harmony to bring to you a brand that revolutionizes the concept of bath and body products. He is the brains behind the finance and growth aspects of the brand. A stock trader by profession, Mithilesh takes care of procurement and accounting to ensure that operations run like a well-oiled machine. He has also played a massive role in inspiring the inception of Aimer Valleè. With Mithilesh having to suffer from allergies that came out of using off the shelf products time and again, the idea of building custom bath and body products came to Rashi; and what started as experiments at home has today become a brand that is loved and adorned by clients globally.

Priya Verma – Doctorate in Homeopathy, Diploma in Skin Diseases – Director


Dr. Verma believes in harnessing the power of nature to develop bath and body products without having the need for harmful chemicals in them to showcase results. Through the course of her practice of medicine, Dr. Verma came to the realization that skin diseases very often originate from the chemicals used in bath and body products. She worked with various patients, including her daughter, to cure eczema that infected the body due to using chemical concentrated products off the shelves. The realization to build Aimer Valleè came to her when her daughter witnessed relief from her skin problems with regular use of a hand-made soap. Thus, began the journey of Dr. Verma applying her knowledge of Homeopathy and skin study to build custom pure solutions for her clients.